Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan 2002               

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After 11 hours in the air and 2 hours in the bus, this band of tourists was ready for grog in Atsugi, Japan. 

The two Terrys and Mike enjoy a pint after the long plane and bus ride to NAF Atsugi.

Jack Wride gets his drums all set up, just as the rain comes and the show is moved indoors.

Last minute fine tuning backstage before the big gig.

"Oh, here we are in Paddy's land, a land of high renown." Music and Guinness overflowed during the celebration. 

The kids get a ride on the MTA.

The traditional Irish corn beef and cabbage with an Asian twist--corn dogs.

Band on stage at NAF Atsugi.

Terry Fleming teaches the crowd some authentic Irish dance steps.

Terry Fleming the choreographer teaches the crowd a simple Irish Dance

A row and a rucktion soon began.

Studio 54 had nothing on Club Trilogy that night.

Notice the resemblance

Julie liked Japan so much, she took a day job selling Pocari Sweat, whatever that is.

Later on, the band went to Tokyo and played at an Irish bar called Scruffy Murphys where there just happened to be a jam night.

They couldn't get off of that train...

Many thanks to our tour guides Brian (the Smurf) Callahan and Mazie Hollenbaugh.

Drummer Jack in the streets of Tokyo

Julie in Kamakura.

The cherry blossoms bloomed early in honor of Saint Patrick's Day this year in Japan.

Strangers in a strange land

Art, Mike and Terry F at Kamakura

Music greats Terry Doyle and James Brown play paper, rock, scissors in the Tokyo airport. Terry is the one on the left.

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