We played Irish music for military personnel at Sasebo, Atsugi and Yokosuka. Click the Japan 2004 button above to listen to a music clip from our show in Yokosuka.

Band on stage in Yokosuka

Dennis Doyle and Julie Delaney

Dennis, Kevin, Julie, Terry F, Terry D, Mike T

poster for St. Patrick's Day gig at CFA Sasebo

Mike, Terry, Terry, Julie, Dennis, Kevin in Sasebo

Julie Delaney and band leader Terry Fleming

After an 11 1/2 hour flight, and another 90 minute flight, the band hops on a bus for a 90 minute bus ride to CFA Sasebo.

Dennis and Terry Doyle pose with the local paper at the Nagasaki Peace Park

Julie, Terry Fleming and road manager David Rucker after touring the Nagasaki Museum

Julie signs an autograph during a break. CFA Yokosuka

Dennis and Julie before the show

Terry F works the crowd. CFA Yokosuka

Bagpiper Kevin Weed surprises the Navy crowd with his rendition of "Anchor's Away"

Standing ovation at CFA Yokosuka

Dennis, Kevin, Julie, Terry F, Terry D, Mike T

Sasebo, Japan

Navigating the Japan public train system in Nagasaki

Dennis and Kevin warm up the crowd in Sasebo with some traditional Irish music

After the show in Sasebo

Dennis plays mandolin and Irish harp....not at the same time

multi-instrumentalist Kevin Weed

Kevin and Julie at the Peace Park, Nagasaki, Japan

Terry D

Kevin Weed plays piano, whistles, bagpipes, flute, etc

Mike Tiffany at the sound check

When Innisfree plays, the party begins

Terry Fleming

Terry F, Terry D, Mike T

Dennis tunes up the harp

Julie Delaney

Mike Tiffany

Terry D; sound check

more posters

Mike Tiffany on stage, CFA Yokosuka

Terry Doyle does a last minute equipment check

Terry and Dennis Doyle in the local newspaper in Glendale, Ca

After our 1st gig in Japan at CFA Sasebo

After the 1st round, after the 1st gig. Notice the smiles.

Julie and Terry F "discuss" the sound arrangement

Mike T checks his gear at the soundcheck

Standing ovation

Kevin Weed wakes up the crowd with some rousing Scottish pipe tunes

The kids got a kick out the the Irish Harp. Innisfree puts on a great show for the whole family.

Julie and Terry toast to their old bandmate and friend Mike Gleeson

Dennis' McDonald's radar can detect the golden arches, even in foreign lands

Road manager, photographer and all around nice guy David Rucker with Julie and Terry F

The CDs were 'moving like hotcakes at an IHop'

It was strange seeing his face on a poster that wasn't hanging on the Post Office wall

Innisfree makes the local paper

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